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Zoom is declared to be a non-secure app but adequate measures have taken

Zoom is declared to be a non-secure app but adequate measures have taken

We are now introduced to technology, which is of great help for us, which prominently includes the internet, software, applications, robots, and many other techniques that are helping us to live a peaceful life, and now if I say the word can’t exist without technical tools no one would disagree with me for sure. The positive steps are taken for our comfortability but with the advancing technology, we also have to face many issues regarding this Zoom is declared to be a non-secure app

As we all know, technological tools are proved to be the best companion during the pandemic, and it just not only help us to be up to date every second about the outside world but also it has been a great source of meeting with our loved ones, we know about the use, features, and benefits of the video and audio calling apps, which include, duo, skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others.

People also start earning through these apps because it was so much in trend and as all are locked in the rooms and this situation promotes work at home and learning at home.

Here on talking about zoom, it must say I proved itself to the best video o audio calling app during the pandemic as the lectures were delivered through this and it can take 500 people on call at a time, which is admiring and surprising, but unfortunately beside of so many benefits and surprising features it also has some flaws and it has directly declared by the ministry of home affairs ( MHA ) in a 16 new page advisory as a non-secure app for video calling because many non-secure issues have been found in it during a call or it may be about the information of the users, seeing some malicious features off the apps, it has been banned in many countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, etc. Zoom is declared to be a non-secure app

Further steps are taken after India’s nodal cybersecurity agency-had pointed out some weaknesses of the makers which is the source of user’s information leakage, allowing an attacker to remove attendees from the meeting, hijack shared screens spoof messages and the worst thing is, the hijackers forced the users to be with them in calls even without their knowledge, while another security measures are taken for those who still want to use this app which include preventing unauthorized entry in the conference room, and an unwanted person but be there to carry out malicious activity

The action was taken by zoom boss after the news get viral

When the app is about to lose all the rust of people, and they are leaving the app day by day the news gets viral and the chief executive of the video conferencing app take action against the declaration of the nonsecure app, fist he apologizes for the inconvenience to the users and premises to fix the issue as soon as possible

Zoom has been used by many workers for their work from home, and it gets famous within few days, so things get a little complicated and the service had fallen short of the community’s privacy and security expectations.

He apologized for the discomfort to the users saying, “ for that, I am deeply sorry “ it was just a simple platform like the other and the purpose of developing is to let people work in peace but we didn’t develop the app with the purpose that it would serve people from all over the world in their working, earning, learning and socializing, “ he added.

Zoom frequently adds two features, which include “ suspend participant activities “ in which the host can kick out the disturbing participant from the meeting and the other one is “report by the participant “ this option enables all participant to report the malicious activities, as this option was previously restricted to the host.

But they have to face bad review about the pp so to ensure protection, some tips as suggested by the developers, are as follows:

The first one is to join meeting or audio call at zoom using the web browser but not the zoom desktop software because web browser get security enhancement faster

If you are the host of a meeting, must set the password for the members, this will make zoom much less likely or create a waiting room so that the participant has to wait for permission for entrance

Enable screen sharing by host only

Don’t forget to lock the meeting when members have joined

Zoom is still safe in some cases :

We have discussed the non-secure features of zoom but it doesn’t mean that just kick out this app from mobile, we also have told you many ways to secure your video and audio call, as well as the owner of this app have apologized for all the inconvenience to the users.

But, I must say, the zoom is still safe for some users who aren’t using it for some personal purposes like video chatting and screen sharing, etc, but for disclosing health information to the patient, for school classes, discussing a non-curricular activity for entertainment that stick to daily routine works, the zoom is not much harmful.




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