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Telegram hasn’t removed the AI bot yet that abusing women

People love editing, they try new apps and platforms which are used to edit and put different things and filter on the photo, some of them are funny and acceptable as people enjoy using the filter on their photos from apps like photoshop, photo makers and the most famous Snapchat, but the technology goes on and now it can be said that it has exceeded its limits because the deepfake has now started generating explicit, non-consensual photos on the platform

The researchers have warned them to block or not to use any image for bad purposes but they said their warnings have been ignored and they don’t stop editing photos.

Unfortunately, telegram, a messaging app is being used for this purpose and it is under pressure to crack down anAI bot that has generated explicit images on its platform.

Laws and regulations lie in every field and there are the decision-makers who take steps to stop the misuse of images of underage girls, law enforcement bodies are noticing the activities of deepfake, which seems to be the culprit of all unacceptable stuff

Different countries are stepping forward to handle the situation on their own as data protection regulators in Italy have opened an investigation into its use and management and now the access to the bot has been restricted on apple.

Reports got about “ revenge photos “ of women from America, Israel, South Korea, and Italy that telegram has been used to share abusive images for so long.

Apart from AI, Telegram as a messaging app has also been used to exchange pornographic images of women and it has been the source of sharing these photos in private chats and groups that were not generated by AI.

Anyone can easily use the bot to generate porn images and as the researchers say that there were no steps taken by the telegram to protect the woman from being nude by using a version of the DeepNude which is enough to generate their body parts and remove clothes from the bodies

More than 100,000 images have been shared by the bot in chat groups of the telegram, and the worst thing is each channel has thousands of memes on each page or group.

There were rays of hope when it was reported that a messaging app security firm discovered the bot on telegram at the start of the year. And it was expected that this platform would help in emitting non-consensual stuff and it will play a role in putting a full stop to woman disgrace and abuse by technology, but they have to face disappointment because things didn’t happen like this.

When the steps are taken to catch the culprits and the groups who were encouraging pornography in the world they suddenly got silent, and despite leaving the wrong ways and led their paths towards positivity they changed their names of groups and take other privacy steps to avoid being identified.

Content is being shared in the groups but some other kind of stuff related to deep face technology and so-called public photo collection of nude images was removed by its owner as well as some of the groups and channels have been fade away completely

People get afraid of their posted stuff and their comments on the related images so they stop publishing alike content but it still exists and nobody knows when it will raise itself to abuse humanity. Because it is more than tough to turn the ways from dirty paths and be on the right one as Petrini says, “ bot has never been left by anyone and it is still operational and in use today “.

You must be shocked to hear about the views of the bot creator as he says that it will continue to work under the radar, and he even didn’t respond to the request of banning the bot.

Telegram bot was almost banned on apple because it has its policy and developer’s guidelines and it showed a message that it violates section 1.1 of apple’s developer guidelines.

Pornographic material is not allowed in apps accessible by the play store.

Apple didn’t respond to the questions about the telegram whether it told the company to put restrictions in place. Apple says that it is unable to block the content in the messaging app which it doesn’t own but what it can do is notify developers about the content which goes against the privacy terms and policy of the app store.

According to the rules, those apps which give options to the public to upload photos, videos, and write text must have an option to filter objectionable filters from being posted. Unfortunately, the users can also use this app on android devices and telegram’s Mac application.

Patrini, warns that deep fake videos are just a symbol that there are more chances of the development of this kind of technology and it is an alarming situation for us to estimate what is going to happen shortly as it was the first time this kind of women abuse has been seen.

Women abusing is a common thing nowadays whether it is in the form of photo, video or live, now as a human we also have to keep checking the groups and site to play our role in the termination of this stuff, as we have the option to report the video, an account of the photo that stands against the privacy policy and terms.



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