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PUBG mobile is still working in India

Even after shutdown notice.

If you are a youngster, you must be addicted to PUBG, as this game has an addiction in it, the one who starts playing it can never stop doing this. Because it has realistic features, and the player feels like all the situation is real and he is shooting and saving himself from the attacks in real. PUBG mobile is still working in India

No one is left behind in playing this game as an infant. It is played by groups of people and makes it a source of gambling. People start investing their money in it which makes it a source of addiction for them.

It’s not about a specific country, all the world is in the circle of this addiction called PUBG.

The parents start worrying about their young children as they stop paying attention to their studies and teachers also complain that students are going below average and they are not focused on study programs.We have heard a lot of news that when parents forbid their children to leave this game, they start injuring themselves and several youngsters PUBG mobile is still working in India

have committed suicide when they lose the game and got shot by their enemies in-game.

So, looking and taking this situation seriously, the government decided to ban this game, and we have heard a lot of news regarding this. After being banned in September and eventually announcing the end of server support on October 30, the reports are telling that the game is still in use.

You might have noticed that India’s IT ministry banned PUBG mobile on September 2. This is published by Chinese Tencent, it has been removed from the App Store and google play store citing national security.

After being kicked out from the above-discussed stores, it has made its way onto third party websites. Players found out the option to download the APK file which enables them to access the game, and the one who didn’t uninstall the Battle Royal game could also have an access to play this game.

However, Tencent decided to remove this PUBG mobile from Indian servers on October 30, 2020. On that day, many players reported receiving various server problems notifications, and then they were unable to get the server’s support.

After this ban, the players had to face disappointment as they were unable to reach their favorite game, but this world is full of alternates so how can they left players unknown battleground, so the enthusiast found another way to have access to this game, the global version of this game was replaced with the Korean version which has nothing different than the real one except the user’s ids and different servers.

This alternate is a new start for most of the beginners and it is getting very popular among pubg lovers and this version is easily accessible and the players don’t have to face any difficulty playing this, only the drawback is, they lose their previous achievement, awards, ranks, and costumes.

Pubg is still working in India, but we all know it is not the real one, so we can’t call it the perfect version but only be considered as a blessing for casual players.

Still, the PUBG mobile is working on several phones and the number of players is increasing day by day ( but it is not official yet )

PUBG mobile is still working in India

After the news of banning, many people especially from India tweeted that this game is still working on their servers even some of them claim that this wasn’t shut down for them ever. A fossbyte employee installed the game’s APK and reported that there is no issue in playing this game, he said that online matches and gamblings are working smoothly. He further shared that he managed to grab half a dozen kills in his first game after the ban.

However, he also assumes that there is a large number of bots in the game than the actual players, it is an issue that should be resolved as more and more people find out this game to continue its playing.

In the end, many altar ways have introduced to satisfy needs as it becomes an addiction but we don’t recommend to download it using APK files as it was officially banned by the government so we should respect their decision as it must be in our favor, and Indians seem to be enthusiasts so it is expected that we will receive Indian version of this game, till then we don’t anything except waiting for relaunching the original version.

It is a game, and play it like a game, don’t get so much involved in it that it gets addicting for you. Don’t bother about its banning as you have much work to do for your career, and if the makers remove the ban, play it just for your time pass.



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