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Donald Trump has gone from Twitter

Twitters is the most common app among celebrities as they tweet their stuff and thoughts to their audience, and it gets famous and starts trending if it is liked by the majority of the users, the fans and audience also respond to them by pasting the same tweet on their timeline, but the security policies must make sure and it doesn’t allow the users to work or tweet against the policy standards, despise it when people don’t follow the rules or standards, the makers and the team has all rights to ban the person from the app and because Violence and roughness are not acceptable, no matter who is the culprit, whether he is a common person, a celebrity, politician or even a president of the united state. Policies work for everyone, and there is no flexibility for anyone. Donald Trump has gone from Twitter

If you are a social media user and if not, you must be aware of the trending news that Twitter has banned Donald Trump, the question is, why did it happen? As we all know about the elections in the USA, and he as a previous president was not accepting the result that he is no more president this time. He starts urging people to act against the results which become the source of hustle stir in the country.

He was also banned from Facebook and Instagram for a long time, and the boss mark Zuckerberg is of the view that Trump was using a platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

He was not only restricted to use Twitter after a single tweet but the developers have the loose review of his recent tweets from the account @realDonaldTrump and the stuff around them, and how the audience revived and act accordingly which created an unpleasant environment all over the country so they have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.

Noticing all the unpleasant and horrible events this week, they made it clear on Wednesday to stop that additional violence of the Twitter rules. violence is not acceptable at any cost because they have to bring check and balance in their policies and if they don’t take steps to obstacle the fuss, they may have to face a loss on their own.

These accounts are not above rules :

Twitter is the social app that ensures the validity of the news and enables people to hear the policies and announcements made by government officials directly, it is built to meet the thoughts and suggestions of the public and on the principles that also give the right to the public to speak out publicly but it should be according to the standard, so how could it bother to become a source of anarchy in the country Donald Trump has gone from Twitter

Twitter’s policies are made for the convenience of the people and they made it clear going back years that the accounts are not above the comfort and no one is allowed to use them to incite violence among others.

The makers are stiff to the thought to work only to spread positivity and urge people to use the app respecting the terms and policies.

Trump’s account is banned on Twitter, which means he cant tweet and share his thoughts on the account but things don’t end here, because he is just not only banned from his personal site but also all other accounts such as the officials @POTUS Twitter handle. Which Will be passed on to the new president joe Biden January 20.

We can’t deny the popularity of Donald Trump, no matter if he is on the wrong track but his lovers still support him, therefore, in counter hundreds of protesters and trump’s fans occupied and damaged the US capital on Wednesday, and most of the people got injured in it and five died. Donald Trump has gone from Twitter

Trump is going against the elected president and he is not accepting the election so he encouraged his followers and supporters to damage the building and marched against the elections as he claims fraud in the US elections of 2020.

Trump is also banned from Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg

The owner of Facebook announced that trump has already banned from Facebook, he just not only ban him but also respond to the violent scenes at the capitol building in the US capital of Washington, he condemns the act of damaging the building which disturbed people in the US and around the world, he adds that the outgoing resident is not following the rules and is using the platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

No doubt, Zuckerberg’s move is not without benefit to Facebook. And no one bothers to use his platform to annoy and disturb people. As a result, Facebook and Instagram put a full stop to trump’s policies and thoughts to disturb people and the elected president so he has been blocked from these networks for two weeks minimum.

No one could bear violence on his platform, and all those who have banned Donald trump seems to be supporting peace in the country and we should also play our role and to bring peace and prosperity to the world by unfollowing those who don’t want a pleasant environment and effecting the peace.



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